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Why Emergency Care Training is Important for Businesses

CPR, AED and First Aid training equips employees with lifesaving skills that can be used on the job or at home. Whether an employee experiences sudden cardiac arrest, severe bleeding or a workplace injury, training empowers employees to take control of the situation and provide essential care before EMS arrives.

Emergency care training has the added benefit of reducing workplace emergencies and injuries. Scenario-based CPR, AED and First Aid training promotes learning and retention that helps employees identify potential hazards and become more aware of their surroundings.

How to get CPR, AED and first aid training for your workplace

MFA JAPAN’s emergency care training programs offer solutions to help businesses improve health, safety and compliance. There are three primary options for streamlining your CPR, AED and First Aid training:

  • Become an in-house training center. Use our video-driven, instructor-facilitated courses for an easy, consistent way to train employees.
  • Use MFA JAPAN’s National Training Center network, which can help you meet your emergency care compliance goals by bringing CPR, AED and First Aid training directly to you if you can communicate in Japanese language.
  • Use MFA JAPAN’s instructor dispatch system if training in English or English/Japanese both is desired. We’ll arrange bilingual or English speaking non-Japanese instructors, along with scheduling and managing emergency care classes at your desired locations.

Curriculum-based, standardized CPR, AED, and first aid training programs ideal for corporate settings

MEDIC First Aid is a worldwide leader in CPR/AED and first aid emergency care training programs for business, industry, and the public. MEDIC First Aid training programs have been used to teach and certify emergency care and first aid providers in business, general industry, and the public since 1978. Although MEDIC First Aid programs are being provided nationwide, CPR / AED / First Aid in Tokyo area available in English. If you are looking for CPR in Tokyo, contact us using our inquiry form.

Requests for class participants

Courses are available both in English and Japanese.

Using MEDIC First Aid® program as in-company staff training

MEDIC First Aid programs are excellent programs for corporate CPR, AED, and first aid training as well as for individual training that offer a consistent, video-mediated, instructor-facilitated, instructional delivery system.

You need efficient, effective training that makes the most of limited time and tight budgets. Meet the easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn programs from MEDIC First Aid — your best choice for workplace emergency care training. From first aid to CPR and AED, and more, we have you covered for training to respond to adult, child, and infant emergencies. All backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.

MEDIC First Aid training programs are also ideal for workplace safety instructors or instructors with little or no emergency medical or other healthcare expertise.

For a corporate or group training inquiry, please use the “Contact Form” below:

Personal Training courses in English available below

Name of Training Center Place Available programs/courses Details
InterAssist First Aid Training
(Instructor: Andrew Badocoe)
  • Nerima-ku
  • Tokyo
  • BasicPlus
  • CarePlus
  • ChildcarePlus
  • ECFA
    (courses provided in English)

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Registration form for those who wish a reminder of the course renewal via e-mail.

For OSHA workplace Safety Compliance

If it is for OSHA workplace Safety Compliance, the program you should take is BasicPlus course, not Careplus.

Information for BOC certified Athletic Trainers.

Requests for class participants

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